MPK06, a new minipicker for new building yard requirements

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The growing family of Jekko minipickers welcomes model MPK06, the new self-propelled electric crane that operates with either hook or manipulator

A small machine is a great help while working. This is the promise by the newborn to the Jekko family: the MPK06 minipicker has compact size and limited weight yet it lifts up to 600 kg (1.322 lb) and serves the craft and the industrial sectors.

“Model MPK06 is going to set the pace in the world of work – maintains Alessio Forcolin, Italian sales agent at Jekko – The requirements of building yards are evolving: skilled labour isn’t always available in the quantity needed but in the meanwhile loads to be hoisted increase, no matter the sector, be it glazing laying, craft or industry in general. The market was waiting for this new concept of minipickers: compact, lightweight and deploying elevated lifting capacity, and Jekko has met the challenge”.

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The MPK06 is the one and only minipicker that – in compliance with the EN13000 standards – has a dual operating mode, with a hook or a vacuum manipulator for glazing laying. Other unique features of this crane are the 360° continuous rotation of the manipulator and the 10° right-and-left electrical rotation of the turret, which moves the load to the sides still having quite a reduced overall size and enabling access to the most confined places.



The machine is 100% electrically powered, both during travel and arm operation. It is fitted with a 3kW motor powered by 2 x 12V-155Ah traction batteries for constant performance during use. The electric motor is silent and emission-free for indoor operation; the new electric actuators, whose performance compares that of regular hydraulic cylinders, deliver up to three fast and smooth movements at a time without performance loss. The MPK06 has no hydraulic parts: this means lower maintenance costs and makes the crane ideal for work in the most sensitive contexts since oil leaks are prevented. The manipulator electric rotation and the electric extension of the second boom are available as an option.




Easy to use, the MPK06 doesn’t require any specific training to be operated. The convenient drawbar on board the machine makes it easy to drive it; a user-friendly wired remote control is also available, which allows to travel on wheels in a straight line in combination with the mechanical block on the drawbar, making work easier and more accurate for the operator during installation.




The MPK06 is fitted with a simple system of modular and removable counterweights accounting for a total of 200 kg (441 lb). They can be removed whenever the machine has to be hoisted with a crane or moved in a lift so its weight it brought down to as little as 720 kg (1.587 lb).





The unique features of this new minipicker by Jekko make it fit for several sectors. It is ideal not only for glazing laying and for the installation of windows and doors but also for the craft sector, for industrial maintenance and for the hiring business in general. Equipped with sturdy metal sheet housings and off-road run-flat tyres, the MPK06 faces the most challenging yard conditions. For indoor operations white no-marking tyres are available as an option. Compact in size and reduced in weight, this minipicker is ideal to be transported inside a regular van.

While developing the MPK06 we aimed at making the operator’s life easier and at improving the work conditions by means of a user-friendly, top-performance yet inexpensive machine,” ends Mr Forcolin.


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